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Professional content is more than just a nice photo or engaging video you share, they are tools that help you achieve your goals. Not enough traffic on your site? We'll help you create a promotional video or photos to populate your site! Have a new product or service you want to showcase? We'll help you create a commercial. The possibilities are endless.

A sneak peak into one of our post-production processes: Color Grading.

Phase is a media production specialist located in Chicago with experience in videography, editing, photography and Live Event AV experience. Although his heart lies in video production, he is constantly adding to his production knowledge and pushing his creative and technical boundaries

Our Process


It all starts with an idea. Share your idea or goal with us and we can bounce ideas back and forth and help refine it. Your level of involvement in this step is totally self-voluntary. Some clients prefer to leave this all to us - and that's fine too! 


Once we have the idea, we generate a game plan. This is where we lay our foundation. This step involves booking studios or scouting for locations, hiring actors or production assistants, set design and prop acquirement, or any other logistical factors we need to consider for the shoot.


Game day - this is where all our hard work at preproduction pays off and we get to capture everything on camera.

Post production

This is where the story is moulded into its final form. This step involves transcoding, video and audio editing, green screen keying, color correction and grading, recording voice overs or foley, VFX, motion graphics or any other processes to polish off your content.


We tie up any loose ends we may have, like finalizing and purchasing stock footage or clearing any royalties. We then deliver your finished product to your desired destination.


How is ShotByPhase responding to the Covid-19 virus?

We put our client's and team's safety first and comply with State and Federal guidelines on social distancing and face covering. Our editing services are fully operational, consultations are held over the phone to minimize contact and we have additional guidelines for our shooting projects. 

How much are consultations and how do we contact you?

Consultations are free! Leave us a message on our contact page or email us directly at and set up your free phone or in-person consultation today!

(In-person consultations are temporarily suspended as a response to the Covid-19 virus.)

I booked you for an event that has gotten cancelled, what now?

We understand these things happen, that's why all bookings can be rescheduled at no extra cost if done 72 hours before the shoot date. This is only valid for your first reschedule, further reschedules will incur a fee. We do not currently offer refunds or transfers for bookings cancelled within less than 72 hours.

How many revisions per project?

Unless previously discussed, our projects come with one free revision. if you would like changes made to your video, the first round is on us! Every revision after the first round is subject to a predetermined fee that will be laid out in the contract.

Why does the video you sent me have watermarks on it?

Any drafts sent out before a finalized version will have our watermarks on it. This is for a number of reasons: we could be using unpurchased samples to see if they are a good fit, It also helps us distinguish which draft version we're watching, or even to let us know which editor worked on which draft. In any case, this helps us be more efficient and is in everyone's best interests. Your final video will have none of our watermarks or logos on it.

When are payments due?

For studio shoots and events, we require a deposit before the shoot date to lock in the location time. For outdoor or any other non-studio shoots, payments are only due once your invoice is sent out. Final video payments are due within two weeks, with a 10% late payment fee for every week after that. 

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